Saturday Sketch

Seeing as the new Harry Potter movie debuted this week I thought it only natural that this should be the Saturday Sketch!

Rival Snape by Vestergarrd has to be one of my favourite Pokemon crossovers out of the many that i've seen. I also love the description for this image too:

"He could only afford one pokemon - an Oddish who later evolves into a Gloom. 
The question is whether Snape will evolve her into a Vileplume or a Bellossom - he's very closemouthed on the subject.

Another thing starting this week that i'm going to do is not only feature something I really enjoy but also feature something you guys do! This can be something you've done or even an image you'd like to share. You can do this by emailing me at:


This week we have a sketch submitted from PkmnFanDiamond. It's something he's posted on deviantart called "Monta with Tsutaja"

I hope you guys enjoyed this week's sketches!

Also, sorry, I had to :x