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It was a great show. I always find that shows that highlight competitive Pokémon, not just cool or great stats are better than others. They give me great ideas on how to build a competitive team for Wi-Fi battling. So thanks; got some fantastic ideas.
— FLOHare725

I’m trapped in the internet and I can’t get out and I really need your help. This podcast is the only thing that keeps me going. The folks are so knowledgeable and funny that it almost makes me forget that I’m stuck in the internet.
— SurfinTheNet

Who really cares if you guys don’t talk about things in 100% detail, who even cares if you guys are wrong once in a while. This is still the greatest, funniest and most entertaining podcast for Pokémon and I wouldn’t change a “Bulbasaur” thing!
— Ace Ryder
Hey great ‘cast y’all.. I am 26 and am a PokeFreak! Y’all are very funny and informative, very down to earth. This is one of the better PokePodcasts (Yes, I did just make that up) that I have listened to. I personally may not understand all of the battle mumbo jumbo language, but I get the point of why and how. Keep up the great work you guys and here’s to many more!!
— MrM0n0p01y

The show is great guys. Sometimes intelligable and always healthy. You may joke how the show can be bad, but it’s funny as all goes. Keep it up!
— DirtCoGames