PKMN of the Week: Hitmontop

Looks like we're walking in on a battle that has just gotten underway.  On the field:  Hitmontop versus Cresselia.

Looks like Cresselia has her EVs in Speed and is getting the opportunity to go first.  She goes in for the quick knock out with Psychic.

It does not affect Hitmontop.

Hitmontop retaliates with Dark Pulse and Cresselia faints.  It's super effective!

The opponent next sends out Tornadus.  He's sure to get a KO on Hitmontop!

Tornadus keeps it safe with some Aerial Ace.  He lands a smack on our friend Hitmontop.


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PKMN of the Week: Volcarona

Can you think back to the days when you first emerged from the Day Care Center?  The old man and woman who run the place, they were certainly surprised to find an egg when your trainer had left two Pokémon to be raised there.  Then again, we all suspect the old couple may be a bit senile - they are always surprised when they find an egg, even after they have found hundreds of eggs.  Oh well, they mean no harm.

Your trainer added you to his or her party.  There you were, an egg amongst Pokéballs, wiggling up and down and bopping with every step your trainer took.  How long before you hatched?  How many steps would be necessary?

Were you cold and alone in those days or were you gently warmed; warmed by the presence of another Pokémon in your party?  Did that warmth encourage your growth?  Did it gently coax you from your shell home?

My fellow Pokémon, I mean trainers, I will tell you - every egg that I hatch gets hatched in half the time.  Why?  Because of the loving warmth of my Volcarona, David Hugs.

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PKMN of the Week: Whiscash

Cash money, baby, cash money.

So, folks, I had a pretty decent plan for VGC Nationals.  Yes, I was going to copy a little from my friend Gabe but I was also planning on throwing a little bit of my own spice in.  If you read my travelogue, you know that I wasn't able to get my intended team up and ready in time for Nationals.  Instead, I used my goofing team that I just fool around with.  Kind of surprising that I won twice, huh?

Over the next few weeks I will cover the Pokémon I used in VGC Nationals and indicate some changes I could have made that might have improved my chances.  The team I ended up with was Terrakion, Hydreigon, Volcarona, Whiscash, Zoroark, and Eelektross.  I've already covered Hydreigon, and he was actually one of my top performers, so you may want to look back for that article.  This week I am going to cover the Pokémon I named my team after:  Tickles the Whiscash.

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PKMN of the Week: Squirtle

Dear PKMN of the Week,

I think my Squirtle is so cute, much cuter than my other Pokémon. Lately, however, I've been having some behavioral issues with him. He's become moody, temperamental, and just the other day he squirted my backside while I had it turned. Do you have any advice to make me close with my beloved Squirtle again?

All Wet

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PKMN of the Week: Roggenrola

Lads and ladies, it may shock you to know - but I remember the seventies.  I know, I know, most of you weren't even alive during that particular decade - by default you'd have to be over thirty already - but I also am quite aware that I am not the only Pokébro of a certain age out there.  I grew up but my love for Pokémon never died.

What was it like in those dark ages?  Well, it was pretty chill.  Why, in the very month I was born Led Zeppelin released Houses of the Holy - if that wasn't a portent of my future rockin' nature, I don't know what is.  No doubt I was also tuned into the disco grooves - the first album I ever bought was the Bee Gees' soundtrack to Saturday Night Fever when I was six years old.  I've even enjoyed the nascent electronica of the day (I still keep Warm Leatherette by The Normal on my iPhone) although I didn't discover that until I was 13.  Truly, though, the seventies were the decade when rock transformed from the rebellion into art.  In 1975 Springsteen's Born to Run spoke urban poetry to the chords of the electric guitar.

Another thing about the seventies - the toys were different.  Yes, we had *real* *metal* *lunchboxes* with Scooby Doo on them.  Plastic thermoses inside.  You didn't have to go to the collector's store to get them either, they were just at the regular store.  Seriously, though, one of the biggest differences - our toys didn't require so many batteries.  Definitely not rechargeable batteries even.  Let me posit a challenge to you younger bros and gals.  Go to your local drug store and check out some D cell batteries (if you can find them).  Then realize that I had a portable radio that required eight of those.

What you really won't believe, though, is that . . . I can barely admit it . . . well . . . people used to sell . . . rocks.  Smooth rocks.  Pretty rocks.  Pet rocks.  I used to have one.  I loved it.  I carried it with me everywhere.  In a way it was, almost, like a Pokémon.

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PKMN of the Week: Jigglypuff


My dudes and ladies - it is a special time of year.  A time when friends from all over come in to town to visit, party, and generally cause a ruckus!  The best parade makes its way through town.  Nights go long with dancing well past last call.  At the street fair - what is that up on the stage?  A diva belting out the latest disco hits?

You got it!  It's June, it's Pride, and Jigglypuff is making it work!

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PKMN of the Week: Magcargo

The first time I came across this particular pokémon I didn't think it was "real."  I distinctly remember (because it was two months ago), I was sitting on my brother's couch reviewing his old (i.e., worthless) pokémon trading cards with my four year old nephew.  My nephew pulled it out of the stack to show me.

"What's this one, Uncle Willy?" he asked.

"I don't know, I've never seen that one before."

Seriously.  I thought it was some kind of aberration.  A pokémon that had to have been made up only for the trading card game.  I took the time to look this guy up on Bulbapedia and was surprised to see that he had been introduced in Generation II.  I had played Pokémon Gold!

The second time I saw this guy was in the anime episode "Some Like it Hot."  Really?  an entire episode devoted to this most forgettable of pokémon?  He's so bad I even forgot he existed at all!?  Geez.  That episode didn't even have particularly good plot.  An oversized one was blocking the path Ash, Brock, and Misty were taking so they needed someone to capture it.  There you go.

Oh well - since we are done covering all of the 600+ level competitive pokémon, it's time for a palette cleanser - Magcargo.

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PKMN of the Week: Regigigas

It's Memorial day weekend and, before we get into Pokémon of the week, let's take a moment to reflect on those who have served and sacrificed to protect us and our country.  I have many friends who are currently active in the military and know that there are numerous Pokéfans in the armed forces.  I hope you all know that Pokémon of the Week respects and values the work that you do.

Now that you've done that, I'll ask for a favor.  In either Pokémon Black or White, walk, run, bike, or fly to Celestial Tower.  Make your way to the top and ring the bell for all of the Pokémon who have been sacrificed in pursuit of truth . . . or ideals.  This goes double for all you Nuzlockers out there.

OK, let's get into the real deal.  Which Pokémon has been discussed on the podcast and never had a write up on the site?  Which Pokémon may actually be the most difficult for SBJ to pronounce?  Which is the only Pokémon in the 600 club that I haven't written up?  Which is the one Pokémon to rule them all?

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PKMN of the Week: Strawberry Shortcake

As May carries on and we approach Memorial Day, I am always drawn back to memories of my home town, Port Chester, NY.  Around this time of year days were getting warmer, school was coming to an end, and the various summer festivals were starting to be planned.  Lyon Park always had something going on.

One of my favorite festivals, one that my grandmother participated in, was the DAR Strawberry festival.  It wasn't that much, it wasn't that big, but all of the older ladies from the DAR would dress up in white bonnets and set up tables by the Bush-Lyon Homestead (George Washington slept there!).  The ladies would serve various strawberry themed dishes, including horrible strawberry-rhubarb pie.

The best dish of them all, though, was Strawberry Shortcake.

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