Happy Birthday Mewtwo!

Just wanted to stop for a second and give Mewtwo a proper birthday shout out! I hope all of you can take some time today to celebrate the day that Mew gave birth to one of the most popular Pokémon known to date. While your eating your cake and remembering your fond memories of how you wasted your Masterball before you got to Mewtwo in Red/Blue - remember... Mewtwo will always be somewhere in your heart... or just a free download off Nintendo's Wi-Fi connection.

Stitcher Radio

As some of the fans know, we love iTunes. Others have expressed interest in our podcast, but wanted more means. Now we can introduce... Stitcher Radio! When our feed gets updated, you can stream the newest episodes live on your iOS Device, Android Device, and/or Kindle Fire. Pretty amazing right? 

Let Stitcher know how much you love that we can be accessed in their apps via Twitter or just by listening to our last episode about Mewtwo!

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Mewtwo Wi-Fi Event

Starting February 12th, English copies of Black and White will be able to download Mewtwo via Wi-Fi! It will come with Electro Ball, a move it cannot normally learn. The Mewtwo will more than likely match the Mewtwo that was given out in Japan last September forPokemon Smash, which came at Level 70, knew Electro Ball, Shadow Ball, Aura Sphere, and Psystrike, and was holding a King’s Rock. The end date for this download event was not announced.

Top Cut

Milwaukee Cities for the Pokémon TCG was this past weekend. This was probably the best tournament that @WhimsyTackle crew placed in. Most importantly, I wanted to give our TCG Editor, Vinnie, a huge shout out. Vinnie is the first and only member in our group to place and get Top Cut. For those of you who don't play the TCG, Top Cut is the final rounds of the tournament(s). While Vinnie didn't go all the way to the end, it was still a huge accomplishment. Congrats Vinnie!

Follow him on Twitter here or on YouTube here

I would also like to take a moment to apologize about the lack of a Podcast. We've been trying to get a pretty huge Pokémon dude on the episode, but schedules keep conflicting. We will have a new show by the end of the week, we promise! As well as 3 more shows this month. We are dedicated to bring you 4 more shows before 2012!

PKMNcast is Hiring

With people coming and going, it's time to get a couple more people on board. If you want to help out with the site, plesae keep in mind that we all do this for free. Editors get a discount on store items, but PKMNcast are always looking for passion in Pokémon and the willing to build a great community. Do you have what it takes to be on this team?
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